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Freestanding bathtub SGA‑525

This bathtub is an answer to world bathroom design trends. The modern and, at the same time, timeless form makes the bathtub look fashionable and beautiful through years. Simple sides and rounded edges create a coherent effective form. Thanks to narrow edges the bathtub gets elegant and tasteful character. The SGA-525 bathtub creates relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

A beautiful and solid bathtub was manufactured due to the high standard of workmanship. High-quality snow-white acrylic was carefully applied – the bathtub sides have perfectly smooth and shiny surface. The bathtub is covered with an antibacterial layer. Its bottom is particularly durable due to the double reinforcement. The double reinforcement muffles sounds and makes the bottom smooth. It does not bend and enables to keep the temperature of water for a long time.

Maintaining the high quality of manufacturing is particularly important to us. The Segea bathtub is beautiful and functional and first of all solid. The bathtub was designed in order to minimize their environmental effects during manufacturing and usage.


The product was made of the highest quality shiny snow-white acrylic. The reinforced bottom, fibreglass and resin as well as a thick layer of acrylic make the bathtub unusually durable. The innovative NANO-COATING layer makes it easier to keep the bathtub hygienic. A transparent polymer layer makes water with lime scale and dirt flow down the sides of the bathtub.

Price: 10 000,00 kr (tax incl.)