service.jpgAll SEGEA bathtubs are covered with a layer of high quality acrylic. Acrylic used in manufacturing process the most resistant material of all available in the market.

Acrylic forms a hard smooth surface preventing dirt and is distinguished by superb acoustic and thermal insulation significantly better than a reconstituted stone  It is also characterized by higher resistance to discolouration than other synthetic materials. In normal conditions of use acrylic is a solid material maintaining its beauty through years with minimum effort put in cleaning.

  • An acrylic bathtub needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth or a sponge with water and soap. The cleaned bathtub should be carefully rinsed with water and wiped with a dry soft cloth.
  • Before using a detergent you have to check whether it is recommended to use on acrylic. Otherwise, the acrylic layer may be damaged.
  • Dust should be wiped with a dry, clean and soft cloth.
  • Grease, oils, ink and small stains should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Next, it has to be carefully rinsed with water and wiped with a dry soft cloth.
  • You mustn’t use caustic detergents for cleaning acrylic.
  • You mustn’t allow the acrylic surface to contact with varnish, nail polish, nail polish remover, solvent, etc.
  • You should avoid putting razor blades and other sharp instruments on acrylic – the surface may be scratched.
  • Small scratches appearing during usage can be removed by polishing the surface with a clean soft cloth and a special polishing paste.
  • In order to maintain its smoothness, it is advised to wax the acrylic surface once a year.

Limited warranty

Your new acrylic bathtub is covered by a manufacturer's warranty of SEGEA. The warranty is granted for a period of 6 years from the date of purchase and is subject to certain standard conditions. Our international warranty covers the material and manufacturing defects existing upon delivery of the purchased goods. The warranty is valid only and exclusively if the warranty card has been dated, correctly completed and stamped by an official dealer of SEGEA.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and aging of the product (e.g. scratches of the acrylic layer or its discoloration resulting from use of improper care products), as well as damage resulting from incorrect use or installation of the bathtub.